Following GitHub Profiles, #1 Way to Always Be Coding.

When I first started learning git & github, I got so fascinated by the technology. Here are some of my thoughts.

If there is one thing I found out about any platform that allows for creators to join, is that, the value of the platform only grows depending on the type of people you follow on the platform. See instagram or twitter. This is called Network Effects

If you follow a bunch of people you really care about, you get more value from seeing their content, their posts and whatever it is they are doing.

Jumping on Github to follow profiles and engage them on there is definitely one the ways to get the most value out of github since that is what you are trying to grow into.

As a first time Github user, I am impressed that people have had upwards of 4000 commits to several repositories this year alone. Which means, people have an interesting and creative development workflow that is worth considering.

notice how this particular user has got 850 commits in the past year.

I dunno about you, but those numbers (gamification) incentivizes people to follow you, or even motivates others to put in as much as you have done in order to be able to do so much.

Github has a star program that features all who have done immense contribution to the platform, therefore, if you are just starting out and you are ambitious, this is a good thing to look forward to. It can also help you model how your github life and contribution might look like.

If you build tools that intergrate with github, you can join their developer program and have that one display on your profile. This will enable you to potentially connect with recruiters and collaborators.

I think if you follow cool people on github, or you are a cool person on github yourself, you get yourself an opportunity to get a job faster. If a recruiter has a job, and you are connected on github already, they can see that you have a track record of putting things out, they would definitely hire you first. We can say that a strong github profile is definitely a recipe for employment.

You can get sponsored for your good work. If you are generous and give wholly and fully to the community, someone might decide to sponsor your work monthly by buying you a cup of coffee.

Github offers you the opportunity to host your websites on it through github pages. Therefore, if you are learning, you have the opportunity to go ahead and do the great work of hosting on github.

how am I using Github to always be coding.

First of all, this is not new information, only NEW TO ME!

When I started learning web development 8 months ago, I downloaded sublime text and I was writing a bunch of new code. Learning HTML CSS JAVASCRIPT and what was happening is that I just had a bunch of code in different folders and different computers. So I thought, hmm, what can I do that could help me go to work, carry the code, and then go to my home computer and still have the possibility of continuing with the work at the office or in a coffee shop.

There are so many fascinating opportunities in the world of software. From learning a new language to experimenting with cool projects in your spare time. And since you grow most from personal projects, a github workflow could totally supercharge your coding career.

It is fascinating to think that, you are also taking part on the world stage by having a profile and participating on open source projects. It is beyond your little town, it is beyond something small. You are now taking center stage and collaborating with people all over the world. I think that is something profound in it’s own nature. That while you might have never gotten the opportunity to get to find people this talented in your own backyard. Github gives you the opportunity to mingle with the best of the best, or at least, with the most generous sharer’s of knowledge.

You can get set up pretty quickly in understanding code architecture and how people build their project folders, set commits and push them to the repository pretty quickly as you already have a source of reference. Looking and reading people’s code is the source of reference.

I think if you are a total beginner you are better off just having github run on your desktop, because you have visual studio code also, anyways, it reduces the hustle of actually having to write difficult code and push and pull.

If you made it to the end, consider following me on github

You will have made my day. Are you on github? do you think this is a revolutionary technology? Engage below.



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